​Congratulations! You have found the hidden Never Alone Offroad Club page. Our club is private and membership will require our council to vote you in. To apply, send us an email at   NeverAlone@S4Offroad.com     

Trip pictures and videos will be posted as we get them together, and will only be available on this page, for our members.

Some basic rules of Never Alone:

1) No mall cruisers. Member vehicles must be used offroad, period. We are not a show truck club. 

2) All applicants must be approved by The Council, and no one will receive membership status unless they are approved. New members are "prospective members" until The Council determines otherwise. This will depend upon how involved in the club you are.

3) No infighting. Any drama or static, and you will be immediately thrown out.

4) This club is secret. The purpose of Never Alone Offroad is to get out and go wheeling at our own pace, with our group. Friends cannot come on trips unless pre-approved. You cannot tell anyone how to access this page or how to get into the site. Our club is for our group of members, to experience offroading and have fun. 

5) There are no dues. Because of this, we expect members to cover the cost of their own merchandise, shirts, hats, jackets, etc.  Also, you may not make your own merchandise with the Never Alone name or logo, as we have only ONE specific manufacturer, and we have a deal with them.

This all sounds a bit complicated, but we will keep things streamlined as possible. 

Want to join? You'll need to write us a bit about yourself, where you are located (We are in Monmouth County NJ) and send us a few pics of your truck, along with some specs. Give us an email or phone number, and we can plan to come meet with you, to see if you are a good fit for Never Alone.

We are Never Alone Offroad.