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Better Videos Coming Soon

by S4/Matt on 10/12/16

I am currently working on putting together some entertaining videos. We never get the opportunity to take a break and have some fun, so we will start recording our experiments, and some of the other craziness. Also trying to ditch the GoPro. Quality is pretty bad, both sound and video, so I have another camera we can use, hopefully video and sound quality is better.



by S4/Matt on 10/11/16

We just filmed a short video where we give some details on our transfer case "noses" and will be posting to YouTube sometime tonight (still need to edit, so probably late). If you have any questions, check out the video, and if you still want more information, you can contact us through our site here, and we will get back to you with whatever information we can. NO PRICES GIVEN YET. These pieces aren't available for a little while, as soon as we settle on a final price point, we will post it to our site. Check us out on Instagram (S4_Offroad) and Facebook (S4 Offroad Innovations), we will continue to add pictures to both of those accounts, and you can head over to YouTube for our video. Thanks!

~Matt & Rocky

Filming In the Shop

by S4/Matt on 10/10/16

I am back in the shop today, and we are filming some details of our Samurai Transfer Case pieces. We will also get in some footage of our Shop/Test Samurai, and show you some of the other things we have been working on. Check out our YouTube channel at S4 Offroad.


Samurai Parts Video Coming Soon

by S4/Matt on 10/09/16

Tomorrow we will be filming our first parts-oriented video. The first one will focus on Samurai parts, notably our transfer case pieces, twin stick cable shifters, and other prototypes/ new releases. I tried to put a video out yesterday, its a bit dark and choppy, but I will switch to a different camera for the new videos, and I am already looking into an external mic for better sound quality. I am going to spend some more time learning how to use different video editors, and I can get some good quality tech videos out there. While I am stuck in the shop, and don't think I'll have time to get out in the trails, I should be able to find enough time to film our CNC machines working, and I am working on a video that follows my full rebuild and modification of a Samurai Transmission (this won't be complete for a while). I am changing a number of things internally and externally, and we are working on developing an integrated tubular cradle for the engine and transmission, that will also help stiffen the stock Samurai frame up a bunch. Stay tuned, we will keep things interesting!

Website is Live!

by S4/Matt on 10/08/16

If you're here it is because is live! I am still trying to get a few pictures of products, and get them on the site. I'm also trying to get some more footage for another YouTube video today. I'm going to try to do one good video a week, to cover technical stuff, product news, etc. all based around the Samurai and Trooper. Both crowds will get something. Check back and I will update often.

Isuzu 4ZE1 2.6L   Top End Rebuilt, ITEC Modified
Rebuilt Samurai Differential, currently installed in our ShopZuki
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