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The S4 Journal

New Twin Sticks Arriving Soon

by S4/Matt on 08/14/17

End of August we will be releasing final pictures and pricing on our linkage twin sticks, that use our Overbuilt Output setup. Stay tuned! These sticks are all stainless, as are the links, and are designed to locate directly into your Samurai's stock transfer case shifter area. If you are interested in placing a pre-order, and to get some more information on them, please contact us directly thru email, or give us a call at (732) 567-9228


S4 Building Engines!

by S4/Matt on 02/06/17

Sector 4 has decided to rebuild engines in-house. If you need something built, or a custom engine setup made, please contact us and we can discuss pricing. If you have a different engine you want us to help you fit into your Suzuki or Isuzu, we can help with that also. We are able to fabricate custom valve covers and oil pans, and we can polish aluminum parts and port heads for better flow.

Use S4, and be proud to own the best!

~The S4 Team

New Overbuilt Output Kits Available!

by S4/Matt on 02/05/17

Our Overbuilt Output is now available, and we have updated our shifters with the new V2R Twin Stick setup. We are pushing to develop and test our roller rockers, and will probably get to that after running the next batch of Overbuilt Outputs and V2Rs. We are filming parts for our YouTube channel that show us putting our shop G13 back together, and some of the modifications we have done to it. Then all the ShopZuki needs is a paint job!

ShopZuki Rebuild

by S4/Matt on 12/07/16

We had a cracked ring in our used 1.3 we put in the ShopZuki. This project started as a budget build to save a Samurai that would otherwise go to the scrapper. With all of the spare parts we had, we used whatever we could to make the truck work. But.... somewhere along the line, the truck turned into our shop truck, and the main truck we will test new products/prototypes on. We had everything set up, and the 1.3 began blowing smoke. Unfortunately there was no other way to remedy the problem except rebuild the bottom end. Good news for you! I am recording the rebuild process with some tips and tricks we have learned over the years. I'll release these as short videos, broken up for each operation we do. Stay tuned and help support S4 Offroad! Email us at and order the best parts for your Suzuki or Isuzu today!


Samurai Bumpers

by S4/Matt on 11/01/16

We are now prototyping Samurai front bumpers. These will not be conventional bumpers; we are removing the bumper tube and boxing the frame in, while tying the bumper to at least four points on the frame. Room for a winch will be provided behind the bumper. Truck will need to be cut and welded at the front bumper tube to install our bumper. Check us out on Instagram for a few sneak peek pictures of us putting the new design together. 

Instagram:   S4_Offroad


Isuzu 4ZE1 2.6L   Top End Rebuilt, ITEC Modified
Rebuilt Samurai Differential, currently installed in our ShopZuki
The S4 Journal
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