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Matt C., Owner/Founder
Matt is a New Jersey native and has been working on cars and trucks his entire career. He has been a professional mechanic for over a decade, as well as being a skilled machinist and welder. After a stint building race engines, his focus shifted to building a Samurai to suit his needs. Around 2008, Matt began working to develop parts specifically for the Samurai, and parts that are hard to find. Matt acts as lead engineer, fabricator, welder and tester for most products. Many of your tough technical questions will be addressed by Matt directly. His goal is to develop a relationship between the Suzuki and Isuzu communities and S4 Offroad, so that in the future performance parts for the Samurai will be as easy to find as those for a Jeep. 
Our Team
Our main manufacturer is located locally in New Jersey and owned and operated by Bob. His shop is equipped for a large variety of machining processes, and welding (TIG, MIG and Stick). The shop is fully equipped with multiple CNC machines, an EDM machine, and a variety of other equipment to perform different tasks like milling, turning, surface grinding, tube bending, sheet and bar rolling, shearing and many other functions. This is our main manufacturer and they have worked very closely with us since Day 1 to develop quality parts in-house, right in New Jersey.
About Our Company:
        We have been building trucks and cars for 12 years. Since we spend a lot of time in the woods, we began to focus on offroad trucks, and found that a smaller, lighter truck has the most benefit in the tight trails around us in New Jersey. Most of our common wheeling spots contain a lot of water, so we try to develop our parts with rust resistance and full functionality in mind. The goal was to design and build parts in-house so we can maintain proper quality control, which is extremely important to us as the parts are intended for off-road use. We have a full-scale manufacturer that we work with full-time to engineer and build parts, and all of us on staff are skilled TIG, MIG & Stick welders. We are also trained machinists and fabricators, and experienced mechanics, with experience in heavy and light duty, and industrial applications. We want our customers to be able to interface with us and trust our company to supply quality 4x4 parts that are engineered and built the right way, right here in the USA. 

       We try to offer as many options on our parts as possible. As we start out here, we will be accepting Paypal for all transactions and eventually we will transition into a fully functional online store. Many parts will need to be special ordered, and options discussed with us for pricing and availability. We will do our best to get your parts shipped out as soon as possible. We do have some basic policies to follow, which includes a deposit on pre-ordered custom parts. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE! Most deposits will be $50 or $100 or a percentage of the final price of the part. Any stock part with a custom coating or finish will be considered a custom part. Please contact us by email or phone, and we will respond as soon as possible (usually same day). If you have a part that is broken or damaged in shipping, contact us and we will work with you to solve the problem.
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We have the skills and equipment to bring the best 4x4 parts ideas to life!
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
We also have a team of fabricators and machinists that help us develop and test products. Our team also works with production of our completed projects and customer service/ marketing outreach. Everyone involved in developing S4's products works directly with Matt and has experience with fabrication, offroad trucks, custom car building and welding. When you buy from S4, you are buying products developed with a combined 60+ years of experience.
        Our warranty is as follows: Applicable only to new parts with a warranty. Breakage from abuse or intentional destruction is not covered. Workmanship is covered for 30 days after the date of purchase, but we will consider any "good will" claim up to 60 days, provided there is no evidence of abuse. Our parts must be used as intended, or warranty is void. Coatings are not warrantied, unless coating is defective upon receiving part. You must notify us of any issues within 15 days. Returned parts with no issues will be charged a 20% restocking fee. If we send the wrong part or item, we need to be notified within 10 days and we will cover shipping (no restocking fee). If customer orders wrong part for their truck, the problem is not ours and the customer will have to pay for shipping. We will usually waive any restocking fee if this happens. Our parts are intended for use off road only. Regarding deposits, unless it is explicitly stated, no deposit is refundable, for any reason. Deposits are usually reserved for custom ordered parts, which cannot be returned, so please be 100% certain you are purchasing the exact part you want/need. We will assist in any way we can to determine if the fitment is correct, but ultimately it is the purchaser's responsibility to assure proper fitment. Any custom product build may be stopped at any time, but the purchaser's deposit and any other costs incurred by S4 Offroad will need to be covered (materials, tooling and labor). 

        Due to the varied conditions of use in an off-road environment, purchasers and other users assume any and all responsibility for the use of off-road parts, equipment, any and all inventory and services. Off-road driving by nature is a dangerous activity and injury, death, and property loss may result. Purchaser and other users understand and agree to the risk as their responsibility. By purchasing any item from S4 Offroad, purchaser and other users are indemnifying Sector 4 Offroad, their officers, dealers, directors, employees, and salesman from any and all liability.
Work directly with the guys who design and build the parts, instead of an unskilled customer service rep.