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"Overbuilt Output" by S4
Our "Overbuilt Output" for the Suzuki Samurai is being finalized now. Finished production pieces available soon.
Linkage Twin Sticks
Soft Top Bar
Prototype Parts/ Preproduction Items
Before any of our products can be offered to the public, they need to be fully tested and sometimes modified. If we feel that a part may not meet our projected sales-price goal, then we will usually not produce that part. But, if someone is willing to pay for a short run or single part to be made, we will make anything that we have finished engineering. Any parts that have not been fully tested WILL NOT BE SOLD. These may come up for sale as a regular product in the future. Other prototypes that we have may not be shown here, as a good amount of our engineering work is kept secret.
We use our Overbuilt Output housing, and offer linkage-operated twin sticks that fit the Samurai.
Aluminum Samurai soft top bar, spring loaded, with upgraded mounts. Helps take up slack in soft top and eases installation.
Trooper P/S Pump Stainless Stud & Spacer
Replace that rusty stud that always snaps with our Stainless Stud, which comes with a billet Stainless spacer and washers/nuts.
Gauge Mounting
Trooper 2.3 Power Steering Rebuild Kit
We have some nice prototype gauge mounts for the Samurai- you can request one of these at the moment, and we will make one. They will go into regular production in the future.
We couldn't find a rebuild kit for the Trooper power steering pump, so we put a light kit together with bearings, seals and hardware.
The only good parts are the ones you can rely on.
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
    This page is changing constantly, as we design and produce new products. Prototypes are never for sale, unless noted. The purpose of this page is to give our customers an idea of what is in the works for S4 Offroad. Every day we do our best to fill orders and inventory, but we never stop developing new ideas. Some of these come to fruition as an off-the-shelf product, while other things may only be offered in a limited run at a high cost. It all depends on what you need and what we are working on currently. Research and development move awfully slow, as we need to engineer and design the product, then make it from multiple materials until we settle on the best one. Parts may be sent out for coating or hardening, shafts may need to be precision ground, and this all equates to weeks and months of time waiting around for parts to work their way back to the shop. Once a product is proven, we need to set a price point (which means more changes) and then we have to order raw materials, program and set up our machines to create the actual part, then finish the detail work. Coatings or painting adds extra time, anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. 
    Every part is a process, but we will always take the time to assure that things are correct. If you have a request or want to talk pricing to see if something is worth having made for your truck, let us know. We will also do products for vehicles other than Suzuki or Isuzu, but again cost is a consideration. We also offer current products in alternative materials. You can order a bumper in aluminum or stainless or have us make body armor in delrin plastic instead of metal. The first step is to contact us, and see what we can do for you!
All stainless, stud nut is TIG brazed to avoid burning any stud away (this keeps it full diameter at the weld, and does not make the material brittle or weak, compared to a regular weld).
Available Now! $59.99
Available Soon!
Still In Progress...