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Sector 4 Special Products
           We know that off the shelf parts are not always tailored to your specific needs, and are geared toward what a majority of customers want. Our Special Projects Team will customize nearly any of our products, from color to material used, depending on what you need for your specific application. Occasionally we will work closely with a customer to develop a part that is not available, and is something the customer needs or wants for their truck. Since all of our parts are engineered, developed and made by us, we can offer specific services other manufacturers cannot offer. Please read a bit below for more information, and if you have any questions you can contact us at or if you would like to place an order for a Special Product, contact us at

​           As a disclaimer; please understand that our main focus is producing the parts we currently offer, and developing new parts. Many of these things are on a schedule. While we could essentially modify just about anything to suit your needs, time is often a concern as is price. Setting up a machine to make a single part or two takes awhile, and the price reflects that. These services are mostly reserved for buggy owners who have altered mounting points or changed major components and need us to modify parts we already have in stock. Also, please understand that we can design and develop parts for you, but it takes a lot of work to test the part and prove it works. This also equates to money, as full development of a new product can take over a year sometimes. Simpler parts or modifications can be done in a much more reasonable amount of time. We will consider just about any job as long as we can do it in shop. We DO NOT make service calls or perform maintenance work. While we have built full trucks in the past, we no longer offer this service either. As much as we want to offer these services, it will take away from developing the best parts that we can, and to us anything less than the best is unacceptable. 
We can make one-off wiring harnesses, custom fuel rails for turbo applications, aluminum intake manifolds for individual carburetors, and many other things. We can also modify parts you already have. We do not rebuild engines on the regular, and we do not do basic engine rebuild machine work. If you need a block bored or align-honed, your best bet is to visit your local engine machinist. What we try to focus on is porting and polishing heads, waterproofing components, modifying cooling systems or oiling systems, and accessory drive modifications. Some of these prototype parts will become available without a special order over time.
Transfer Case Modifications
We offer hardware and other transfer case pieces, and can make modifications to those as well. Drilling and tapping a case for a different venting system, or changing/adding mounting points to a case is what we do most often. Other modifications can be made, but we do not currently make gears and have no plans to do so. We can, however, restore a transfer case and replace your gears with whatever gears you choose. Please be aware that although these cases are fairly simple, we cannot offer a warranty on a rebuilt transfer case since we are using parts that aren't ours. We can assure that everything will be done correctly, and will work with you if you have issues in the future. If you trash your set of 6.5:1 gears, for example, we will not cover the cost of new gears. Transfer case builds are usually limited to customers that need a specific setup and can't weld or machine the transfer case on their own.
Pre-Fab Tubing and Brackets
It is tough to find pre-fabricated tubing joints or specific-shaped mounting pieces. Contact us with your request, and what material you would like the piece made from. Common parts are corner joints for roll bars, pre-fabricated brackets for drivetrain mounting, shock hoop pieces, and many others. We can help make you that tough piece for your homemade bumper project or roll cage. You will need to specify measurements. For example, if you want a corner joint made from tubing, you need to specify the tubing diameter, wall thickness, the angle you need the part welded at, and the material you want it made from. Most of these parts are for fabricators, and will need to be welded in.
Restoration Services
Whether your truck is being restored to original, or built as a full-on rock buggy, sometimes you need old parts restored. We can restore just about anything within reason. Obviously something like a track bar or ball joint is not going to be worth restoring, but we can save a lot of old pieces. We have restored original Samurai manual steering boxes, valve covers, engine brackets, steering knuckles, transfer cases, 8-valve heads, even fuel tanks and oil pans. Ask us about coating options, we can send parts out for coating or apply our own finish. We can also leave parts bare and you can paint or powdercoat yourself.
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
Running compressed air on your truck? What about air suspension? We can make you a custom aluminum manifold block, and even set you up with the gauge or gauges of your choice (standard or digital). Options for fittings include Push to Connect, Brass Compression, Pipe Thread and Barb Fittings. We prefer Push to Connect- very easy to install and modify, we can also supply standard and metric push to connect adapters. Contact us for info on setting up a component or a complete on board air system.
Compressed Air Solutions
We have plenty of materials in stock, contact us for availability and pricing. (Please know what material, what type, and measurements for an accurate quote). Large pieces may be expensive to ship, keep this in mind when ordering.
Restored Trooper steering knuckle freshly painted
Welding Solutions
We do all of our own welding, and can do the same for you. Have parts already, and need them welded? Have a part that needs a welding repair, or modifications that require welding? Let us know! We have TIG, MIG, and Stick capabilities, along with TIG-brazing. Call today or email and we can provide a quote.
We can set up custom gauges as well.
This setup has a separate gauge for each individual corner of the truck. It's equipped with air suspension, and each airbag gets its own gauge.
Above is a manual air inflation block made by us.