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Sick of rust? So are we. And since our Troopers see a LOT of water, we prefer to use stainless hardware for the intake and exhaust manifolds. These are pre-sized for carb applications, if you need FI studs or a custom length, please contact us.
Isuzu Parts- First Generation Trooper/ Trooper II
Right now we are supporting the first generation Isuzu Trooper, with an emphasis on the 4ZD1 and 4ZE1 engines. Custom and hard to find parts can be made, please email or call us with any questions.
Yes, these are the real deal! CNC machined from Billet Stainless, these are designed to not only fit correctly, but to seal the air injection galleys so the air pump may be deleted. NOT a modified pipe plug, these are threaded to fit the 4Z engines.
Bumpers are made in short runs, so please check availability. We can take an order and make a bumper for you at the time of ordering, however this may delay shipping by a day or two. Contact us for more info.
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Keep your first-gen on the road (and off of it!) with our specialty parts. More to come!
These EGR delete plates fit both patterns on the Isuzu 4ZD1 or any 4ZE1/Hybrid engine running a 2.3L carb manifold. Stainless hardware included.
Weber and EMPI both require between 2.5 and 3.5 PSI of fuel pressure. These kits will allow you to use any low pressure electric pump or even the stock mechanical pump. Set your fuel pressure to exactly what your carb wants. 0-15 PSI gauge included.
Although there is no off-the-shelf snorkel kit available for the first generation Troopers, we are offering this Air/Water Separator, which acts as your air box. You can connect to this by using factory plumbing or a turbo hat for a weber carb (if you are running a weber, of course). Box can be used to fabricate a snorkel kit if you finish the kit yourself.
Air/Water Separator Box
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
Some basic/general information on the First Generation Isuzu Troopers;

    Each model year has its different body styles available. In the US, there is a short wheelbase 2-dr Trooper (offered in RS trim, for MY1989 only). There are 2-dr long wheelbase versions available. These share the same wheelbase as the most common, 4-dr variants. These trucks came with a number of engines, we currently support the 4ZD1 (2.3L Carbureted) and the 4ZE1 (2.6L Fuel Injected). With these engines two different 5-speed manual transmissions were offered. There is an available automatic. We offer products to complete your 2.6-to-carb conversion, or to re-build your 2.3L. The 4-cyl in the Trooper is not the most powerful engine, but gains can be made. Most importantly these engines have torque available in the low rpm range, and this is vital for offroad use. 
    Our main focus with these trucks is to offer products that are no longer available, hard to find, or parts that simply don't exist. We own multiple Troopers, and we know what we want, and can't get- until now!
    You can double-check with us to assure fitment on your truck. If you have other modifications that require our parts to be changed, contact us and we will work with you to make everything fit the way it should. We are tired of parts companies offering "off the shelf" parts and not working with the customer to modify or design products that fit the customer's needs. All of our products are and will always be MADE IN THE USA!!!
**Available December 2016**
'87 4ZD1 Trooper Engine