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Sector4 Custom Engine Program

We are currently building engines! At the moment, we have a few things hanging out that we have been working on. We will work to actually stock engines in the future, but for now we will either track down and build, or rebuild a customer's current engine. 

Why Us?
     Well, to keep it simple, if you are looking for a basic rebuild, we are probably not your best option. We CAN and WILL do full-restorations, or stock rebuilds, but what we do best is fully custom work. If you are looking for a high end rebuild, or even to have pieces rebuilt or restored, contact us!

Some options you have:

Full custom oil pan, valve cover, intake manifold, and exhaust manifold or header fabrication. 

Custom paint work, hydrodipping, powdercoating, etc. all upon request.

Custom polishing work, aesthetic welding, machining and different finishes available.

We can deck heads and blocks, we can fully polish an aluminum Suzuki block, or head. We will port and polish, install new valves, etc. whatever the customer stipulates. We are also skilled at waterproofing, and can help design some waterproof or water-resistant elements for your specific project.

Custom engine mounts and brackets can be made upon request. Usually without the truck in front of us, we will need measurements and prints. The parts will be made to these specs, so make sure your numbers are correct!

We are currently experimenting with our own custom made roller rockers for the 8 valve Suzuki 1.3 and 1.6. We are also developing a good solid aluminum girdle for the g13/16 block, along with custom length ARP main studs, an extended pickup tube for a high output oil pump, and an extra deep hand made aluminum oil pan. We are also working on "interference" crank scrapers, and a removable/serviceable windage tray. 

Other modifications include custom cooling systems, custom oiling system work, spray bars, etc. 

Contact us today for a quote on work. Quotes are valid for One Month (period of 30 days) after the quote is issued to the customer. Usually pricing doesn't change in such a short period of time, but sometimes we see a big increase for material, and since there is no way to predict when that will happen, we have to protect ourselves. Projects that take a long time will be completed for the original quote price. Material is purchased or set aside when the order is placed. That will normally assure the price stays as quoted. The only thing that will usually raise the price mid-build is when the customer adds something to the project after we have started building it.

You can supply your own engine parts, but we cannot offer a warranty if the customer supplies parts. Of course we will use your stock block, head, intake and even exhaust manifold if you request. Since we don't have a direct source for the rebuild parts, we won't have a way to return them. If a customer supplies us with cheap rings, and a ring breaks shortly after a rebuild, we can't be held responsible for that. A better approach to building one of these engines is to use good quality parts, and take your time and rebuild the engine correctly. Spend the same amount of detail time on one of these Suzuki or Isuzu engines as you would with a Ferrari engine. The results speak for themselves. 

We are big supporters of functionality. There is no sense to build a totally custom engine without first setting your goals for the engine. This goes way deeper than just setting a horsepower goal. Consider how the engine, and by extension, the vehicle the engine will be installed into, will be used. If you are building a highway cruiser, or offroad rig, or even something based on fuel mileage. We can help with every aspect of the build, and offer advice along the way.

Another small announcement we will make on this page is that we are working on developing parts for the Samurai 1.3 5spd transmission, to help strengthen it for use with bigger tires and different gearing. As these parts are tested and approved, they will become available. If you want us to build anything custom for your transmission, we can certainly prioritize the parts we are working on, if we receive requests to do so. 

We will currently rebuild transmissions and transfer cases, in addition to engines. We can offer to do almost anything to your trans or transfer case that you request. Some basic pricing we will work off of:

(Please take note, these are labor prices. Any parts will need to be added on. Boring a block for forged or cast pistons will cost the same.)

Deck, Bore and Hone 1.3 or 1.6 Suzuki Block $499.00

Completely strip and clean 1.3 or 1.6 Suzuki block, down to bare aluminum  $250.00

Strip, clean, and lap valves in 1.3 or 1.6 Suzuki 8v head  $250.00

Strip and paint factory steel oil pan (max 2 color and clear coat)  $59.99

Strip, clean and paint factory steel valve cover  $59.99

Strip and clean factory intake manifold  $49.99

Flycut factory intake manifold gasket area  $49.99

Deck 8v Suzuki 1.3 or 1.6 head, flycut intake and exhaust manifold gasket surfaces. Deburr oil return passages in head.  $149.99

Rebuild factory 1.3 5spd transmission  $549.99

Rebuild factory transfer case  $240.00

Install S4 Overbuild Output kit into CLEAN transfer case  $125.00  or FREE when you purchase the kit from us!

​Other Pricing:

Removing a broken bolt (BOLT, not tap or drill bit, that's extra!)   $20.00 and UP

Removing a stuck Speedometer insert  $24.99  (may require buying a new one, and if customer damages case, it may raise price!)

Polishing is broken down by hour, or estimated hour. We can polish virtually anything on your engine, but it will all depend on how much time we need to spend on it. Polishing rate is $24.95/hr and jobs are usually multiple hour jobs. For example, an average intake manifold takes us about 10 hours, to get it perfectly shiny. The actual hour-by-hour probably breaks down to about 20 hours, but we only charge for the actual time we need to have a tech polishing the part. If you desire other finishes, they may be cheaper or they may be more expensive. A lot of what we do is fully custom, so we will usually need to consult with a customer one-on-one to plan out what they want, and get them an accurate quote.

Also good to note:   

Engine rebuilds are a perfect time to switch over to stainless steel hardware for most of the major engine areas. Check out our hardware page. Sector4 can get your G13a fitted with stainless intake hardware, stainless exhaust studs, grade 8 motor mount hardware, stainless valve cover bolts, stainless rear main seal bolts, stainless oil pan hardware, timing cover hardware, stainless water pump bolts, etc. We have plenty of great stainless fasteners for your engine. 

Paint is usually done for a low price. Reason being, we are not a body shop. We can definitely help you with painting stuff, or making your parts look good. But, if you need body-shop quality paint, we are probably not the place to do it. We truly want to be known as the best quality, top resource for Suzuki Samurai and Isuzu Trooper parts. Because of this, we offer as broad of a range of services as we possibly can. You can request just about anything from us, and we will usually make an attempt at developing the part. This includes carbon fiber moulding, fiberglass moulding or repairs, or even casting aluminum. But please remember, we are machinists first and foremost, so these "other" projects may not always be possible for us to do, or not possible for us to do them for a reasonable cost. Plastic molded pieces are VERY cheap, but the molds to make those pieces are VERY expensive! Therefore, sometimes quantity dictates what we are able to produce.

Matt and the S4 4ZD1
Cleaning up a block, getting it ready to be flycut
Closeup of restored valve, spring and rocker arm
Restored oil pan on Isuzu 4Z engine
Samurai Intake mid-cleanup
Isuzu 4ZE1 with modified ITEC in a Trooper RS
Modded ITEC and a 4Z head on one of our assembly tables
Suzuki G13 with a new torque plate bolted on
Our test engine set up in our 2dr Trooper. Now its functional!
We also do transfer cases and transmissions!