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Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
This is the complete setup. Includes a Holley 1-4 PSI fuel pressure regulator, mount, fittings, 0-15 PSI gauge, filter and hardware. You will still need to fit your own fuel hoses and set pressure accordingly. Kit comes with Mr. Gasket fuel pressure gauge. We can supply a different gauge at an additional cost, some examples are:
Aeromotive -- (Add $40 to kit price)
Holley -- (Add $15 to kit price)
Summit -- (Add $10 to kit price)
Mr Gasket -- (Included in Kit, no additional charge)
The Weber or EMPI carb kits available for the Suzuki and Isuzu requires between 2.5 to 3.5 PSI of fuel pressure. The only way to be sure is to use a fuel pressure regulator. These can be used with either the stock mechanical fuel pump or a low pressure electric pump. DO NOT use with a high pressure (over 15 PSI) fuel pump.
0-15 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
This is a simple gauge designed to help tune in your fuel pressure. Otherwise you are just guessing. This comes with the full fuel pressure regulator kit, but you can buy the gauge separately if you need a replacement. Contact us for gauge options, or you can have us provide fittings to use a digital gauge, in-cab gauge, etc.
Brass Fittings
If you need a different size fitting or just a different fitting altogether, please contact us. We can supply a wide variety of fittings, or even locate something that we don't currently stock. Have measurements/specifications available when calling, this is the only way we will know what size you need.
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Don't run your aftermarket carburetor without the proper fuel pressure regulator!
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
$26.99 (Basic Gauge Only)
The fuel pressure regulator kit will work with either the Samurai or Trooper mechanical fuel pump, or a low pressure electric (under 15psi output). We can also set you up with a different fuel pressure regulator of your choice, if you are running a higher pressure electric pump, or if you are using a modified carb for a blow-through application (we can help you choose a rising-rate fuel pressure regulator for forced-induction applications). We stock a very basic kit, and tons of fittings, but if you need a custom fuel pressure regulator set up for your truck, we can certainly help put something together for you. Contact us for more info.