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4ZD1/4ZE1 (2.3/2.6) Air Galley Plugs
These plugs are made from solid brass, CNC machined to fit both the metric thread in the cylinder head, and the radius where the original fittings sealed. No whistiling or chirping, these seal 100% and will NOT rust on you! No JB Weld or sealant required, remove the old fittings and clean the area where they seal, then install the new plugs. These can be removed in the future if you switch heads or go back to an air pump setup.
These are the plugs everyone needs but nobody has.
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A major Trooper issue is how to plug the air galley holes. Don't cram a pipe thread fitting in there! The thread is a straight (not tapered) metric thread, and the plugs need to seal at the bottom, not the threads. We have the correct parts!!!
Isuzu Air Galley Plugs
If you want to order a set of plugs in a different material, or customize them in any way, please contact us via email in the Special Projects Dept. and we will help in any way we can.
We can also make stainless reproductions of the original fittings, and modify or reproduce the air galley tube in stainless as well.
Modified Plugs
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
$98.99  Price is for 4 Plug Std. Set
$ CALL  Price per Plug or as a Set
Plugs are now made of solid brass- we found the brass conforms to seat and seal the air galley holes better than the stainless steel does.