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4Z EGR Main Plate
This is the main plate for the 4Z Engines. The 2.6 4ZE1 will require a modified main plate to fit the factory I-TEC intake manifold (see below).
If you are building a performance engine or just using your truck offroad, these EGR delete plates offer a simple, reliable way to  remove the EGR system and clean up your engine bay at the same time. We couldn't find a solid EGR delete set, so we designed block-off plates from blanchard ground aluminum, and supply them with stainless steel hardware to prevent rusting. Main plates are offered with a gasket, 2.3 bottom plates are sealed with copper RTV, until we design and produce a run of gaskets for these. We manufacture these with a CNC mill in-house, right in New Jersey. You can contact us for additional information, and to request a modification. Sold as a set or separately, please specify which engine you have when ordering, the 2.6 main plate for the FI manifold is milled an extra .125" on the top for clearance, as there is a big casting mark in the way.
4Z EGR Bottom Plate
The carb 2.3 4ZD1 intake manifold actually has two areas that need to be blocked off. Remove the housing for the EGR pipe on the bottom of the intake. This plate replaces that housing, and seals the entire area. Currently we are trying to source gaskets, high-temp copper RTV is recommended for a seal on these bottom plates.
4Z EGR Delete Kit
This is both plates, stainless hardware, and the main plate gasket. Bottom EGR plate uses hi temp copper RTV. This is the FULL kit for the 4ZD1 carb intake manifold. You will need one plug for the exhaust manifold, to block off the EGR tube port. We are currently working on making these available.
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Isuzu 4Z Engine EGR Delete
4ZE1 Modified EGR Main Plate
This is a standard 4Z EGR Delete Plate, but with 0.125" machined off of the top to clear the I-TEC fuel injection intake manifold. The casting doesn't allow the full-size 4Z plate to fit. Please specify if you would like hardware and a gasket.
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
$37.99   w/hardware
$39.99   w/hardware
$74.99   w/hardware
$39.99  w/hardware
Composite graphite-core gasket for high temp EGR applications. These fit and seal very well, we are still developing a gasket for the 4ZD1 bottom EGR plate. These come with the EGR kit.
4ZD1/E1 EGR Gaskets
$6.99 ea.