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Basic EGR Delete Plate
This is just our EGR Delete plate with NO hardware or gasket. Same plate as the full kit. Use with carb swaps or other offroad applications. Plate can be removed to use EGR setup again.
These EGR Delete kits are made of CNC'd blanchard ground aluminum. Kits are available with a gasket and stainless hardware, and can be ordered solid or tapped for a variety of sizes. These EGR Delete plates are exactly 1/4" thick, and cover the ENTIRE area that needs to be sealed.
EGR Delete Kit
CNC Aluminum for exact fit. This kit contains the EGR Delete plate, stainless hardware, and a gasket. We can polish the non-gasket side for an additional $15.00
Custom EGR Setups
We can offer the EGR Delete plate as an adapter, drilled and tapped with a fitting so a non-standard EGR valve or gauge may be used. We can also modify an existing EGR Delete plate if you need the plate itself to be changed. 
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Samurai EGR Delete Kit
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EGR Valve Modifications
If you have a performance engine and want to fit an aftermarket EGR system to your G series engine, we can make adapters and modify aspects of the EGR and intake manifold to make your system work. Contact us for details.