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Fuel Tank Pickup Assembly (Kit)
This is the full kit, includes the pickup assembly, fuel tank seal, stainless hardware, strainer and fittings. These do not include any kind of fuel level sender, as it is located separately on the tank.
Many times we have dropped a Samurai fuel tank only to find out the hanger is shot. Even worse is converting a fuel injected truck to a carb setup, and finding out there is no good available hanger to stick in the tank. We have solved this with our stainless fuel pickup assembly. This replaces the stock fuel pickup assembly. Note: This is designed for fuel injected trucks, with an electric pump in the tank and a removable hanger. Older tanks have the lines brazed into the tank, and they cannot be removed. This assembly replaces the electric pump and hangar with a stainless pickup assembly, so that a mechanical fuel pump or low pressure electric may be used.
Fuel Tank Pickup Assembly
This is NOT a complete kit, and only comes with the fuel tank pickup and strainer. You will need to source your own tank seal, hardware and fittings.
Hardware, Seals, etc.
These are the individual items offered with the Pickup Assembly. Different fittings are available upon request, at an added cost.
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Rusted fuel tank pickup? Go stainless, and forget about rust!
Samurai Fuel Pickup
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
$239.99  Complete Kit
$199.99  Pickup Assembly ONLY
$ CALL    Seals and Hardware Priced Individually
These are used for custom pickup assemblies, or to fabricate your own. Sold individually, specify thread size when ordering (most are NPT- tapered pipe threads).
$9.99 each
Stainless Fittings/Weld-On Bungs
Fuel tank pickup hardware
These are not currently available. We will update the listing as soon as we have these in stock.
These are not currently available. We will update the listing as soon as we have these in stock.
Prototypes are being tested now! We hope to offer these in the near future.