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Stainless Top Plate, with Stainless Hardware
These plates replace the stock top plate that contains the adjuster on the Samurai boxes. When you get water in the box, these are one of the few pieces that is not coated in oil, and we find that these rust badly on the inside. These updated stainless plates are also tapped deeper to clear our extended steering box vent kit. Comes with plate, stainless hardware, swivel push-lock fitting for the vent, and a length of hose so you can extend the vent out of the way of any water intrusion.
A breakdown of what we currently offer for the manual steering box that comes stock in the Suzuki Samurai. Some people are going with power steering, but when the goal is simplicity, manual steering is sufficient. For those with tires over 33" we recommend not only swapping to power steering, but also consider a different steering box and possibly ram-assist steering, especially if the truck spends a lot of time in the rocks.
Seals and Bearings
We have excellent quality seals for both the bottom output (near pitman arm) and the top input (to the steering shaft). We also offer direct-fit bearings (new race supplied) if your box has seen water and needs a bearing replacement. Brass bushings aren't included as they rarely wear and new ones need to be pressed in and reamed to size before use.
Restored Steering Boxes
Occasionally we will have in stock a small number of rebuilt/restored steering boxes. These have been completely cleaned, checked for cracks and rust, and reassembled with new bearings, seals and top plate. All of our steering boxes come with our extended breather and stainless hardware for the top adjuster plate. Your choice of stock top plate or our stainless one.
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Point-and-shoot is a phrase for cameras. But it certainly doesn't hurt when your Suzuki steering works that way!
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Steering Box Top Plate Bolts (Stainless)
Steering Box O-Rings
These kits come in a number of different ways. We can offer these with our stainless top plate, or without. Without the modified plate, the stock plate will need to be tapped slightly larger to make the fitting fit properly (Suzuki tapped these shallow from the factory- threads are tapered and need to be opened up a bit more. Standard pipe thread tap will work for this). Comes with a length of push to connect tubing (you choose length), push to connect fitting, a vent cap and a handful of zip ties to help with routing/mounting. Call for more info, we can change the tubing size (we offer 6mm standard) or fitting (straight, 45deg, 90deg).
Manual Steering Box Vent Kit
$26.99 for base 6mm kit up to 3ft of tubing
​Steering Box Rebuild Kit Contains Both Bearings, 2 Seals and Lg. O-Ring                
#30 Seal for Steering Shaft End of Box
#38 Seal for Pitman Arm End of Box
Bearings for Steering Box (price each- 2 are required)
Large O-Ring (Seal for Adjuster Ring)
SALE:    $98.99  w/hardware
Stainless Bolts and Lock Washers for Top Plate
NOW AVAILABLE! Stainless Samurai manual steering box pitman arm lock washer and nut.
$15.99 includes Stainless lock washer and nut. Add to your steering box rebuild kit for only $10.00