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Samurai Sliders
It seems like every time there is a big enough rock or stump around, it winds up reshaping your rocker panels. Finally we have a solution in the form of our tubular rock sliders. These are thick wall steel, and mounted to the frame rather than the body. The main purpose is protection for your rockers. The good looks come free. New pics with production model coming soon.
These tubular rock sliders are perfect for the Suzuki Samurai, and offer a LOT of protection. Made from thick wall steel, these are available with or without sacrificial slider pads. All sliders are made-to-order, since there are a bunch of different options available. To order a set of sliders, or to ask questions/request a custom modification, please contact us via phone (732) 567-9228
Slider Pads
These sacrificial steel plates bolt on underneath our tubular sliders to protect the tubing in severe duty situations. Pads and hardware included. We are prototyping these in aluminum too, although they won't be as strong as the steel ones.
Custom Rock Sliders
We have our tubular rock slider design, and they are offered in steel. But what about stainless? Or aluminum? Well, you are in luck. Sliders can be special ordered in either stainless or aluminum, and will be the same design as the originals. Aluminum is not recommended for use in the rocks. Please allow us an extra two to three weeks to ship these, as we don't always stock these alternative materials. Any special order parts cannot be returned.
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Unless you like welding in new rocker panels, our rock sliders are a great way to assure your doors close after a day on the rocks.
Samurai Rock Sliders
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
Available December 2016
Price Depends Upon Options Ordered
$429.99          Custom Options Extra- CALL
Prototype Samurai Sliders during their design process