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Matt's "Lil Piggy" Project Samurai
This page will have updates and info on Matt's personal project truck (one of many) dubbed the "Lil Piggy".

Specs are as follows:

Truck is a 1987 Tintop Samurai JX
1.6L 8v Engine, aftermarket internals
5spd Samurai Trans, modified.
S4 Transfer Case w/Majestic Twins twinstick/ SJ410 Gears
​Custom CV Driveshaft Rear
Custom Driveshaft Front
Front Axle: Toyota w/5.29, spool and cromoly shafts, trussed and braced.
Rear Axle: Toyota w/5.29, spool and cromoly shafts, Chevy disc brakes.
YJ Leafs, spring over.
Rear Shock Relocation, pro comps
Front Shocks Bilstein external reservoir, S4 Hoops
Custom Wiring Harness
36x13.50-17 Iroks (pics show 39.5x15 TSL)
Hyd. Parking Brake
lots more.

To do:

Cromoly Steering components (S4 Custom)
Panhard bar (S4)
Tcase cradle (S4 Custom)
Rock Sliders (S4)

We will post pics of our progress whenever we can.

Ask Matt About the Lil Piggy
       The Lil Piggy at home. Soon to be on the new 36" Iroks
1.6 8V is coming along, too. Still some details to handle.
Top Shot, with some snow
On the new 36x13.50-17 Iroks