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First Gen Trooper Rear Bumper
These are made with offroad in mind. They follow the body and don't hang low or interfere with fuel tank removal or ground clearance. Mounting uses factory bolt hole locations. Bumpers are offered with no coating, or a simple spray paint finish upon request. Painted bumpers are non-returnable. We can arrange for powdercoating at an additional cost (and additional time to ship.)
For a while, we have looked for a solid rear bumper for the first gen Trooper, and haven't been able to find anything we like. These are made from boxed 3/16" thick steel, with shackle mounts and internal gussets. All of our bumpers are made-to-order. We stock materials, but due to the large number of possible options, we only stock basic bumpers, and they are finished to the customers specifications at the time of order. Rear bumpers are offered with or without shackle mounts, you can choose the size of your shackle mount. Flush mount reverse or signal lights are available, in LED or regular bulbs. We can integrate hooks, shorten a bumper, add an integral fuel tank skid plate, or even change the shape entirely. Contact us to discuss details and place an order. Pricing is dependent on options added. Simple spray paint finish or raw metal is available. Custom powder coating or hydro dip is available at an added cost and added time to ship. 
First Gen Trooper Bumper Options
Our basic bumper comes with two shackle mounts. You can specify a shackle mount size, but most are for a 1" shackle. We can also modify a bumper to accept lights, hooks, or even clearance for your tow hitch. Contact us for more details and pricing.
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The Trooper came from the factory with tin-can bumpers. Upgrade to something useful with an S4 Offroad bumper.
Trooper Rear Bumpers
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