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Transfer Case Hardware
Replace your stock rusty bolts with new stainless hardware from S4. Factory bolts were plated to prevent rust, but this plating breaks down and corrodes over time, leading to a rusty mess. You wont have any rust issues with our stainless bolt kit! Please specify if you need additional or longer bolts to accommodate a mount or other accessories. 
We know these trucks were budget built from the factory. That being said, the "budget" part results in a lot of thinner materials, and nowhere is this more true than the Samurai transfer case. We have been working for years to strengthen the factory cases. Yes, gears are available from other vendors, but what is the point in putting strong gears into a weak case? Some of the weaknesses go beyond just structural integrity, like rusted bolts and the infamous rusty speedo bullet that has caused many cracked cases or just general frustration when attempting a rebuild. Take a look at some of our upgraded transfer case parts below. 
Stainless Speedo Bullets
Ever chisel a rusty speedometer "bullet" from your transfer case? So have we. Our answer to this was a billet stainless bullet that wont rust, and is modeled after the latest version from Suzuki that has double o-ring seals, and a brand new shaft seal for the speedometer gear. Comes with a new stainless cross-bolt. Does not include speedometer gear.
Stainless Drain and Fill Plugs
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A true twin-stick transfer case setup for the Samurai. Made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, and over 500% thicker than the factory piece.
Samurai Transfer Case
Transfer Case Extended Breather Kit
Stainless Steel Shaft Retention Tab
Don't let water into your Samurai transfer case! This breather kit replaces the factory breather with a fitting and extended line that runs as high as you want it to go. Route the breather tubing wherever you want and trim it to fit. Requires removal of the factory breather fitting and drilling/tapping the case to fit.
The small tab that prevents the center shaft from walking out of the transfer case is plain steel. These are prone to rust and most times are not worth the work to file them back into shape. This small stainless tab is a simple and effective solution to replace the factory piece with something that won't rust. Purchased alone, this comes with a new stainless bolt, or can be included as part of a hardware kit for an extra cost.
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
Simple yet effective stainless plugs to fit the Samurai transfer case. Choose from our hex head plug or an allen head plug. These are non-magnetic. We are testing magnetic plus now. Solid stainless steel- Never fight a rusted drain or fill plug again!
We offer both first-gen and second-gen speedo bullets. Second-gen has two o-rings, both use the same seal internally. These are made EXACT to the originals and won't rust like regular steel. You can see the original suzuki part is coated to prevent rust, although this was only done to later models and usually did not prevent them from rusting in place.
Our new speedometer bullets are made from billet stainless steel to ensure strength, long life and rust-free operation. Avid offroaders will find themselves taking their samurai case apart more than once, whether to make modifications or to make repairs. Not fighting rust makes it a lot easier. These include a new seal and seals are sold separately if you ever need a replacement.
We have spent a few years developing a completely redesigned transfer case 4x4 output (the "nose" or front of the case). A huge problem with the stock casting is they are extremely thin and weak. They break around the bearing area, and even Suzuki has tried to solve the problem by casting in gussets around the bearing. Adding a twin stick kit that uses the factory output does not strengthen the casting. We have solved the issue by using 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, CNC machined to fit a stock suzuki transfer case. The kit includes new shifter shafts, made to be used individually (in a twin stick setup). Cable shifters and a shift tower allow you to place the shifters where you want them. All parts are "complete" upon delivery, meaning no heating the shifters and bending them into shape. You will need to drill some holes to mount the shift tower. They include a new bearing, seal and snap ring. You will need to reuse your output gear and shifter forks. Stock flange works with our billet nose, small or large flange. Front seal plate keeps seals in and water out. Replacement seals are available. 
These transfer case noses are much heavier and a LOT stronger than stock. If you are running big tires, low gears, and want a REAL twin stick for your Suzuki transfer case, pick up a full front output housing from S4 Offroad.


Sector 4  Overbuilt Output Kit for Samurai
Note: You will need to contact us to select which setup you want us to ship. Our "as-machined" shift towers have a nice blanchard ground finish on them, but for those who want something fully polished, or fly cut and partially polished, it takes hours, so we have to add to the cost. Shift knobs are usually offered with a "brushed" finish, but sometimes we have full-polish knobs, for no additional cost. 
$59.99  w/Seal & O Ring(s)
$11.99/ea      (Hex Or Allen Head)
$26.99 w/3ft of 6mm Tubing.
Extra 6mm Tubing at $3.99/ft
Available Soon      $12.99
Complete Overbuilt Output and Twin Stick Cable Shifter (V2R)   $1450.00

Aluminum, Stainless or Brass Shift Knobs, add $39.99

Fly-cut or Fully Polished Shift Tower (add $100.00)