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Suzuki G13/G16 Stainless Stud Kits
These are designed to work with the G13/16 8 Valve only! If you have measurements for another Suzuki engine, we would be glad to size up other studs for you. Studs, Nuts and Washers.
We have a variety of stainless hardware, some to fit your engine directly, other stuff is generic bolts or nuts that you may find useful, as metric stainless hardware is often tough to find. Please keep in mind that stainless-on-stainless threads tend to "gall" and will likely leave you with a handful of threads and red in the face. This is why our stud kits come with stainless studs, but not stainless nuts. Other hardware we offer is either black oxide coated or zinc coated for rust prevention. You can make a specific request for hardware if you know the specifications (diameter, thread pitch, length, etc.) and we will do our best to find it for you. Even though we offer hardware kits, you can always call and request something specific, or buy pieces individually, if available. We can also CNC or EDM specific hardware for a custom application. This is usually not cost-effective, and most pieces of hardware can be found off the shelf. Contact us for more details, or to order some hardware.
Suzuki G13/G16 Stainless Oil Pan Hardware
These oil pan bolts are stainless to keep them from rusting. Original metric thread pitch, no drilling/tapping required. These are bolts (Allen Head available for same price. Custom stainless stud kits available at an extra cost, please contact us for more info.
Suzuki G13/G16 8V Valve Cover Bolts
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Sector 4 Offroad also offers graded hardware (like Grade 8, Class 10.9 etc.)
Hardware for Suzuki and Isuzu- Stainless and Graded
Stainless stud/bolt kit for the 2.3/2.6 Isuzu engines. Stud kit for intake manifold is designed to fit the 2.3 carb manifold. If you need a stainless hardware kit for the ITEC 2.6 intake manifold, please contact us in the Special Projects Dept.
Isuzu 4Z Stainless Stud Kits
Graded hardware is used for a number of applications, and is available in Metric or Std. sizes. To order graded hardware, contact us and we will get you exactly what you need. We have Grade 5, Grade 8, Grade 9 in Std sizes, and Class 10.9 and Class 12.9 in Metric.
Graded Hardware
Suzuki and Isuzu Specialists
​Samurai Pinion Nuts/Transfer Case Flange Nuts
These can be used for either the axle pinions or the transfer case flanges. No integrated washer, nuts are designed to be staked over on the end, just like OEM Suzuki hardware. 
Replacement for original flush-mount M6 Bolts that locate and fasten both rocker shafts. Kit contains bolts only, no washers needed.
​Samurai 8 Valve Rocker Shaft Hardware
These are the four long bolts that hold the valve cover down on the 8 Valve G13/16. Both types are offered in stainless steel, there are regular hex head bolts, and there are allen head bolts. Both work the same, just personal preference. Comes with four bolts of your choice (either hex head or allen) and four flat M6 washers. Valve cover grommets are NOT included.
Isuzu Stainless Hardware
Coming Soon- we are putting together small kits of stainless and graded hardware for different parts of the Troopers. Body hardware, stainless crossmember bolts, underhood fasteners and more will be available as we put the kits together.
Metric Hardware
We have a selection of Metric hardware in full and partial thread, different head types, different lengths and materials, etc. We also have a number of washers and nuts, also available in stainless. Contact us to place a hardware order, please have your measurements ready. If you need hardware specific to a Trooper or Samurai, we can help identify the size.
Stainless Metric M6x1.0 Bolt
Stainless Metric M8x1.25 Bolt
Stainless Metric M6x1.0 Nut
​These are sold individually, and the price is for one M6x1.0 bolt, in lengths from 10mm to 50mm. We also have longer bolts, partial thread bolts, and other variations. This price is for a basic stainless bolt, full threads, regular hex head. Contact us if you need special M6 hardware.
Also sold individually, price is for one M6x1.0 nut. Offered with zinc coating, stainless steel, nylon insert lock and stainless nylon insert lock. All are the same price. We have other types of M6 nuts, contact us to find out more or place an order.
Sold individually, these M8x1.25 bolts are available in lengths ranging from 10mm to 50mm. We have longer bolts, partial thread bolts, and other variations. Price represents the cost of one M8 bolt, full threads, regular hex head. Contact us for special M8 hardware.
$3.99/ea    Sold Individually
$1.99/ea    Sold Individually
$3.99/ea    Sold Individually
Stainless Metric M8x1.25 Nut
Also sold individually, price is for one M8x1.25 nut. Offered with zinc coating, stainless steel, nylon insert lock, thin profile and stainless nylon insert lock. All are the same price. We have other types of M8 nuts, contact us for more info.
$1.99/ea    Sold Individually
$52.50 for Intake OR Exhaust     $89.99/Full Set